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Christina El Moussa Nose Job

Real Estate investor and the flip flop Christina El Moussa nose job has been one of the most controversial points of discussion among different communities. Although she did never admit for having any surgery treatment but the difference between her before and after photos spark the rumors and here we are also presenting your details of Christina El Moussa plastic surgery along with her then and now photos. Years back in 2015, when she gave birth to her son Brayden James El Moussa she was involved in different pregnancy issues and was on bed for a month long. During this session, Moussa was not coming on the screen and became a controversial personality on the internet. While later that when she hit the flip flop and said told about her treatment duration. Seeing her after many days of treatment when she comes back on screen, many spectators claimed that she has also undergone a nose job plastic surgery and have compared her before and after photos. Keep on reading this post to get further details about Christina El Moussa nose job before and after rhinoplasty.

Christina El Moussa Nose Job Before And After Photos

Christina El Moussa Nose Job Before And After Photos

Christina El Moussa Nose Job:

Nose job or rhinoplasty is a treatment for refining the natural nose shape according to what a person thinks of having it. This treatment is further classified into two different categories i.e. surgical nose job and then the non-surgical nose job. In both these treatments, the shape of nose get refined but the difference is, a surgical nose job (rhinoplasty) used to resolve the health issues with a nose or to treat with the nose-bone while the non-surgical nose job is used to reshape the nose with outer injections and collagens. In both these cases, the nose shape from nasals to the nose tip got refined.

In the case of Christina El Moussa nose job, we have seen that her nose tip was a little bit thick with wider nasals which looks very odd on her face. While now, the nose bridge has been refined and the nasals are looking narrower with a sharp tip. This looks an obvious work of non-surgical nose job that is presented in the following pictures. You can further compare the following images for making a better comparison between these before and after photos of Christina El Moussa nose job plastic surgery. We have also shared many other treatments for her surgery rumors which you will also find on this page.

Christina El Moussa Nose Job

About Christina El Moussa Bio, Measurements, Net-Worth:

Full name: Christina El Moussa
Nickname Christina
Date Of Birth July 9th, 1983
Birth-sign Cancer
Birthplace Anaheim, California
Residence Anaheim, California
Occupation Realtor, co-host, TV personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Marital status Divorced (Tarek El Moussa, div. 2016)
Boyfriend Doug Spedding
Children 2
Hobbies healthy eating
Height 175 cm (5 feet 9 inch)
Weight 58 kg (127 pounds)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net worth $4 million

These are all the details about Christina El Moussa nose job before and after photos. Yet, here you are intimated that we have not received any authentic report on her surgery rumors. But the difference between her before and after photos sparks that the Flip Flop El Moussa has undergone the knife and doctors hand for altering her appearance. You just need to stay in tune with this page because as soon as we will get any further details about her plastic surgery we will share with you here on this page.


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