Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa has seized with different plastic surgeries over the years. Many of her fans and followers have speculated her for having teeth fixed, breasts implants and cosmetics surgeries. Although she did never admired for going under the knife but still the difference between her then and now appearances is always sparks the Christina El Moussa plastic surgery rumors. If you are also seeking the secrets behind her new looks then keep on reading and compare Christina El Moussa before and after photos. Through these photos you can see that how her she looks transformed as her teeth looks impartial, her boobs looks plumed then before as well as her facial features have also been improving while. So before going towards the surgery details let’s have a read about Christina El Moussa before famous. Christina gets married to Tarek El Moussa who is real estate agent. They both were living a luxurious life till 2008. But the downfall in real estate market they think to change the way of their business. So in 2013 they both start a TV series Flip or Flop on HGTV. This is a 30 minute show based on the bidding of real estate for real estate agents.

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Christina El Moussa Breasts Implants

A one of the most contentious rumor about her surgery is breasts implants. Her eye popping assets were not as plump as thy looks on screen. Comparing her current boob’s photos with her before photos a clear distinction lies among her cleavages. An ambiguity rose afterwards about her boob’s job surgery which is not yet clarified but the rumors are alive. Many of her fans and followers have stated that the real estate investor Christina El Moussa has underwent the knife for a breasts augmentation surgery. But there is no any confirmed report has generated that can prove her implants. You can just compare the difference from her before and after photos and share your analyze with us in comments.

Christina El Moussa Breasts Implants

Christina El Moussa Teeth Fixed

After the breasts job, another discussion is getting heaped among her fans which is about Christina El Moussa teeth whitening surgery. You can see in the before and after photos that how the star has improved her smile. Her teeth were not as white and shining as they are now. She is smiling confidently and her face is looking so charming with these new sets of teeth. See the below shown Christina El Moussa plastic surgery before and after teeth pictures and examine the secret behind it.

Christina El Moussa Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Christina El Moussa Cosmetics Surgery

On last episode of Flip or Flop Christina El Moussa was sparking cosmetics surgery rumors. Her face features were looking so striking. There was no even a single wrinkle line or signs of aging could be seen on her face. Her cheeks look so smooth with a shining and clear skin tone. Seeing this many of her fans and spectators speculate that she is use to with Botox injections and facial collagens. You can also see that how she looks younger, fresh and smoother with her face.

Christina El Moussa Cosmetics

Hence these are all the details about rumors of Christina El Moussa plastic surgery before and after pictures. Just stay in tuned with this page to get any further update or report for her surgery. As soon as we get any news we will share with you right here on this page along with her then and  now photos.


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