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Content Validity:

All the posts you will find on beforeandafterceleb.com are not 100% verified but our try is best to provide you the content that are really useful for you but some of the surgeries here on this blog is also write on the rumor basis and or some you will find that are not accepted by that specific celebrity well if you find any mistake in the content or have any issue about any celebrity plastic Surgery Before and After then without wasting time you can contact me and tell me that which content is not right or anything. Our team will check your objection and then that content, Images or other will be removed if requires otherwise thing will gone to the right path.

Photographs and Images:

Most of the Images you can check on beforeandafterceleb.com are copyright free and taken from the free source as google images. Some images will not as it is in the free source so i edited them a little. First of all i am not responsible that if any of my image is being used in any harmful manner and second if you have objection in any of my images used here on this blog then you can contact me and write the reason and if i found you right then i will remove that image immediately.

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All the content on beforeandafterceleb.com are purely plagiarism free and write by my team so you are not allowed in any case to copy our content and use it at any other blog. If i came to know that you are using our content without our permission then i will file a complaint to their advertising partner that are Google Adsense, Yahoo, Media.net or any other and also file a DMCA notice to their web hosting company too. Please make one thing sure that you will obey all of our copyright rules and policies as we follow others.


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