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Drake Net Worth 2021 Age, Wife, Kids, Height

Aubrey Drake Graham is a famous and one of the loved Canadian rappers. By profession, he is also a singer and songwriter. In addition, he acts and linked to the production industry. Here we are going to talk about Drake net worth 2021. Moreover, you will know about his age, wife, relationship details and kids, height info.

Drake net worth 2021

The current net worth 2021 of Aubrey Drake Graham is roughly and around and about $180 million. He is the richest rapper worldwide and this net worth justify his fame. Besides, he is currently and presently signed to Lil Wayne’s company. That company is Young Money Entertainment. He is a rich man as he is marked as one of the world’s best and top selling music artists. He has got the highest certified digital singles. Even more, Drake has won 4 of the Grammy awards and also 6 American music awards. He has so far managed to hold a large number of Billboard chart records. The surprising part is that Aubrey Drake Graham has got the most charted songs.

Drake Net Worth

Drake age

Aubrey Drake Graham is 34 years old. He was on 24th October, 1986. His birth place is Toronto. Ontario. In addition, his father is an African American. Dennis Graham his father is a practicing Catholi. His mother Sandra Graham is a Canadian. She used to work as an English teacher as well as florist

Drake wife

Aubrey Drake Graham got married to Sophie Brussaux. Initially, he dated Rihanna from 2009 till 2016 on and off basis. It is in a few of the studio albums that Drake mentioned Rihanna and confessed his love for her. But their relationship did not see a success. He found the love of his life in Sophie. They have a beautiful and smart son together. Sophie is a French painter. Furthermore, she used to be a former adult film star. It was on the album Scorpion that Drake made a confirmation that he has successfully embraced fatherhood. He even desired and expected from the media that his child’s privacy is ensured.

Drake kids

Drake and Sophie have a 3 year old son. His name is Adonic Graham. He was born in 2017. It was revealed by Drake and his wife that they are quite and immensely happy co-parenting their son. Currently, they are in Toronto. Sophie expected a baby while she and Drake were dating, It was in January 2017 that both of them were spotted for the very first time and they claimed that they are sooner going to become parents. Drake’s son is already quite popular and famous on social media. He constantly make appearances right there onBrasseux and also Drake’s Instagram timeline.

Drake Height

Aubrey Drake Graham height is 1.82 meter.


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