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Salma Hayek Nose Job Before After Photos

 Salma Hayek Nose job before and after pictures and the comparison is displayed here and the reasons that why she got admitted to go under knife to change her nose appearance. But before we conclude “Did Salma Hayek gets a Nose Job?” we will discuss about her early life and professional life to know about her. Well Salma Hayek is an American actress, Producer and Director who has direct and produces a number of films as well along her acting business. She was born on 2nd September, 1966 at Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, America. She attended University Iberoamericana where she studied International Relations. She sets her start for her professional life in 1989 at the age of 23 by performing in “Teresa”, a successful Mexican telenovela. She raised her fame by this performance and become a start in Mexico. Later in 1994 Hayek starred in the film “EI Callejon de Ios Milagros” due to her performance in this film Hayek was nominated for Ariel Award. Some of her famous films are mentioned bellow.

  • In 1993 “Mi Vida loca”
  • In 1995 “Four Rooms”
  • In 1999 “Wild Wild West”
  • In 2002 “ Frida”
  • In 2007 “Lonely Heart”

Well this was Salma Hayek filmography and now we will discuss about her Nose Job Surgery even her natural nose was not so bad but why she get a nose job surgery. Have a look down for it.

Salma Hayek Nose Job Before After Photos

Salma Hayek Nose job Before After Photos

 Salma Hayek Nose job

 Salma Hayek gets a Nose job Surgery due to some reasons as her natural nose as seen in the following image was so thick and Nose Bridge was not so straight so she decides to get a nose job to solve these issues about her Nose Bridge and nasals. By comparing her bellow given Nose job before and after pictures you will easily determine the difference between Salma Hayek Natural nose and surgery nose. Well like other celebrities salma did not hide her surgery stories from media and disclose by herself in her interview and allow displaying her medical report about her nose job surgery.

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Salma Hayek Nose job Before After Photos

So this was all about Salma Hayek Nose Job Surgery Before and After Effects. But if We see her above given image then we will examine that she might have done a eye lift to make her upper eye area tighter and prominent as in her before picture it is not so prominent as in after picture.

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